Firenze Color - Venetian Plasters & Decorative Finishes


Five Year Limited Warranty

Firenze Enterprises, Inc. expressly warrants its plaster materials to be fit for the ordinary purpose for which they are intended for a period of five years from date of installation when applied in accordance with the current specification sheets within six months of purchase. However, no such warranty stated herein shall be effective until and unless the materials subject to this warranty shall have been paid for in full.

Firenze Enterprises liability under this warranty is limited to the replacement of products shown to be defective during the warranty period. Firenze Enterprises reserves the right to require proof of purchase and to inspect installations prior to resolving claim made under this warranty. No other charges or expenses will be allowed or borne by Firenze Enterprises.

Further, this warranty is void if the Firenze Enterprises materials are intermixed with other additives, chemicals or materials not specifically required by Firenze Enterprises specifications or if Firenze Enterprises plaster finish is applied to any other materials or substrates other than recommended by Firenze Enterprises.

No warranty is made for damage caused in whole or in part by wear and tear, accidental damage, impact damage or acts of God or natural phenomenon, such as but not limited to falling objects, fire, earthquake, floods, pests, chemical fumes in the atmosphere, nor architecture, engineering, defective or improper workmanship by the applicator, aesthetics, nor other damage or injury not solely and directly caused by defects in Firenze Enterprises' materials as covered under this warranty.

This constitutes the entire warranty agreement and Firenze Enterprises makes no other warranties expressed or implied with respect to the materials except as expressly stated herein.