Firenze Color - Venetian Plasters & Decorative Finishes

Marketing Tools

Firenze Enterprises Inc Marketing & Product Promotion

  1. We have been doing all the hardwork for you.
    Hand-made samples. With the real products applied, cut and placed in a professional sample book & wooden tray.
  2. We have the answers.
    You can read and print all the information you need about each product available. Firenze Enterprises Inc., has been providing the education to artists of all backgrounds and freely sharing the architectural specs for their enrichment. If knowledge is power, then we have been empowering people for more than 10 years and the evidence is in faithful customers and the new wave or organic art.
  3. Why not use the real thing?
    You can obtain the real samples, the real finishes, the real look, the real end result as proposed for your walls. Present your ideas and samples to your client with a sample box (47 5x5 samples) by FirenzeColor-Marmorino©. CD presentations displaying the most astonishing interiors and exteriors by both FirenzeColor-Marmorino©. You can obtain key information through the instructional video and strengthen your skill for an upcoming job.
  4. Why wait?
    You can obtain all of our marketing materials with a phone call to our offices. We want you to be ready for your next lucrative project. Having all the info material and samples to show your clients is the best way to be ready.

Marketing Products Available:

  • Infopack (Architectural Specs)
  • CD presentation (PPT)
  • Instructional Video (VHS)
  • Product Applied catalogues
  • Presentation cases (72 2x2 samples)
  • Sample Boxes:
    1. (47 5"X5")
    2. FirenzeColor-Marmorino© (47 5"X5")
  • Custom Tote Bags:
    1. Tote bag filled with the finest Venetian plaster samples by FirenzeColor-Marmorino© on 7"X 7" board

Our products can be found in:

  • Walls & Ceilings magazine
  • Florida Design Magazine
  • Real Estate magazines
  • HG TV
  • And many reputable places where genuine Venetian plaster is discussed/displayed